September 2018 Meeting Minutes

2018 September Board Meeting
Meeting Minutes 

Start Time: 7:00 pm

President – Thomas Rossman
VP – Jennifer Gilman
Treasurer – Margaret (Kathy) Novotney
Secretary – Craig Touschner
Equipment Manager – Ken Krizner
Umpire In Chief – Bill Widemire
Trustees – Frank Bucar, Mike Pugh & Jeff Boehmer

Roll Call Shirer, Gilman, Bucar, Rossman, Novotney, Urban
Excused-Widemire, Boehmer, Pugh, Krizner
minutes were approved from 8/16/18
Officers Reports
VP- No report
Treasurer- No Report
Equipment – No report – Looking to sort through old equipment and donate what is not being used.
Umpire In Chief – No report

President – No report
Old business – Ballots handed out for board vote. Pugh, Touschner, Widemire & Boehmer all sent in their votes prior to meeting.
New Business – count votes for new board of Wickliffe Baseball Positions.

Vice President – Frank Bucar
Treasurer – Jeff Boehmer
Player Development – Marce Porcello
Trustee 1- Kevin Vanetta 3 year term
Trustee 2 – Greg urban 2 year term
Trustee 3 – Robert Kevern 1 year term

End Time: 7:36 pm