December 2018 Meeting Minutes

2018 December Board Meeting
MeetingĀ MinutesĀ 

Attendees: Tom, Craig, Ken, Jeff
Excused: Frank, Bill, Robert, Marce, Greg, Kevin

Minutes approved
Ken is looking at new poles for the fences
Also he is checking where league is with bats
All old cleats will be donated to the band for fundraiser
Will be getting new umpire equipment

New news:
League was fined for to much money in our account
Discussed game show night March 2nd
Will have 2 door prizes(most likely cash)
We have 300 tickets printed for the event
League presidents have not determined a meeting yet for the upcoming season
New website is in process

Checking $9,488.90
Savings $11,761.01
Clinics $1,570.30
Ripken $ 7,614.11