August 2018 Meeting Minutes

2018 August Board Meeting
MeetingĀ MinutesĀ 

Attending on board: Tom / Jen / Kathy / Craig / Frank / Bill / Ken / Jeff / Mike
Attending also: Greg Urban / Tim Shire / Kevin Vanetta

Old News: treasurer had error with a double payment listed to Seasonal which was fixed on August update

Checking $12,630.09
Savings $11,760.23
Levon $1,451.58
Bucar $7,326.49
Clinic $1,570.24

New news: Team Levon is donating their excess fundraising to the Ripken team of 2019
No update on whether the city will be dragging/lining the baseball fields
Meeting for all league presidents to be in next two months
League looking to have a few clinics in the upcoming season – appointed Player developmental person

Umpire chief-need new umpire equipment
Equipment manager- need new fences/poles for the fields

Election nominations
Vice President – Frank Bucar
Treasurer – Jeff Boehmer, Greg Urban
Umpire Chief – Bill Widemire
Trustee – Kevin Vanatta, Robert Kevern, Tim Shirer, Greg Urban, Ed Levon
Player Development – Marce Porcello ,  Ed Zivnoska

Votes will be cast September 20th